Hemp based
Wellness & Care


My family and I participated in the 2019 hemp grow that has become the catalyst for the Sunjoined brand. It was extremely gratifying to have three generations of my family come together to assist in enabling marginalized farmers to transition to a more lucrative crop!

It is my pleasure to make the fruits of our collective labor available to you in wellness form!

Also as an early investor in the Black Momma Tea & Cafe enterprise, we are pleased to carry some of the company's hemp blended CBD teas as well.


Benefits of CBD

Remarkable discoveries have been made and are finally being acknowledged as it relates to the many benefits of hemp! CBD is among those benefits and is taking the health and wellness industry by storm.

Customers have reported relief from symptoms associated with anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorders and chronic pain.
Please try our products in the Wellness Shop to determine if these natural alternatives might be right for you.